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MizFit training:biceps, triceps & shoulders.

Posted May 11 2010 1:00am

Ahh, People.

My apologies.

We’ve been chatting about branding, excuse-making, blog-malaising, NASCAR racing—pretty much everything these days *but* exercising.

I hadnt even realized this until I received the tweet below.

My first reaction: really? I talk about my personal workouts all the time! you wanna hear again?

My second (after I skimmed thru my archives a bit)? Oops.  This is a fitness blog—right?

I have a backlog of fitness questions you’ve all been kind enough to email & tweet at me, but I figured since Jenn sparked the AhHa! Id start with hers

jennifer york jeepjenn

Hey Carla! Do you have a specific arms workout?would you share your workout with me? I want arms like yours..they are very sexy! :)

First? Thank you.

To my parents’ chagrin Im renown for saying what amazing intellectual genetics they gave me but the structural/physical? Not so much.

When I taught swimming lessons for kids I clearly recall a number of them who, at age 4, already had lil emerging muscles (!).  You could just tell that they’d be buff boys & girls merely by virtue of their genetic gifts.

I was never that girl.

For me any muscle I have (arms included) is a result of three things and, if I let one piece of the tripod fall by the wayside (especially as I age. 90 shopping days left People!), then the whole things kindasorta crumbles.

As a result my answer to Jenn is twofold: the general & the specific.

Overall my biceps, triceps & shoulders are a result of the THREE C’s:

(I know how tempting it is to skip over old linked posts. That said, I really do believe if youre curious at all about my training the two Ive linked above are KEY.)

Ive exercised consistently for the past 17 years. A little cardio a day. A little weights a few times a week. A lot of meditation.  A smattering of stretching.  CONSISTENTLY.

Ive eaten clean/intuitively for the past 17 years (which, if youre on Twitter, you already know includes some intuitive forays to places like Fudruckers & Marble Slab Creamery).

I aim to do cardio 6 days a week (which for me means I end up doing about 5).  I prefer to do less (30 min) more frequently (intervals) rather than longer stints.  When I started lifting weights I quickly learned that, for my body-type, I could possess all the muscle in the proverbial world—but if I carried around a lot of excess bodyfat you couldnt tell.

Do you have a specific arms workout?

I lift my arms once a week and, due to time constraints, I tend to break my routine down into little parts.

I want to get in & out of the weightroom in 20 minutes (I dont talk. I preplan my workout) so I typically lift biceps on one day & triceps/shoulders on another.

Biceps: The most important piece of my routine is mixing up the way I lift. Each workout includes one free weight ( love these ), one cable (this one isnt me. Dont rest at the bottom of the movement as this guy does!)& one machine.

For me it is less important what the specific exercises are right now (Im not getting ready to compete) and more important that I keep my muscles confused .

Triceps: The same principle applies here.  I typically do one free weight exercise, one cable or resistance band , and one machine.

Shoulders: I am a little different on this one and it’s mainly by virtue of how little time I have.  I only lift side deltoids .  I hit my front deltoids when I lift chest & my rear when I train my back.

**whew. I know, People. That was a longass post & it’s the edited version**

So that’s me.

And Ive merely scratched the proverbial surface of all questions jammed into my in-box.

Now you.

Curious about my opinion on sets & reps?  Want more information about my workout?

Have your own routine you’d want to share (pleaseplease?)?

Beg to differ with my entire arm routine?

Please to hit us ALL up in the comment.s

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