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MizFit’s live taste test (video post).

Posted Jul 13 2009 10:39pm

While Im always the one-shoot-wonder I knew, since I was opening the bag on camera, there was NO OPTION for a second shoot.

I have to admit I was a little nervous.

Not so much that Id stammer (totally do. always do.) but that my reaction might NOT be one any pork rind company would appreciate.

Please to enjoy my Five Days Left In My 30’s Trying Things I Never Thought I Would Monday Facetime.

(FYI what Im eating in the video is the Southern Recipe Pork Rinds PLAIN)

My thoughts:

  • YES (they’re an alternative to chips & pretzel’esque snacks and a *great* one if you roll lowlow carb).
  • NO (they most likely wont take the place of my beloved beef jerky.  myriad reasons but the biggest being the fact they’d be instantaneously smooshed in my bulging backpack).
  • NO (I didnt yet get up the nerve to try any other flavor than plain).
  • YES (I did get stuck, as I chewed, on the very notion that they were made from pig skin and  Im not sure I could really ever get beyond that fact.  A by-product of my being a Jewish MizFit? who can say…).
  • NO (if you didnt TELL ME they were pork rinds I would not have tasted the pork’age/known.).

Now you.

Have you tried the rinds?

Do you love em? Loathe em?

Are you, as I was, mildly intrigued but have been way too fearfulsemi-ickedout to place one in your mouth as of yet?

And, more importantly, if you’ve tried em have you used them to create FAUX FRIED CHICKEN??

(Ive been curious about that chicken ever since I worked for Atkins Nutritionals…)

Please to hit us all up in the comments.

(And you just never know—I mightcould select one of you, at random, to be the lucky recipient of the REST of my box of flavored rinds.)

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