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MizFit’s Exercise Videos & A Pocket Freebie.

Posted Feb 25 2009 4:28pm

Some day, when Miz finds herself a volunteer assistant with a bunch extra time on her hands, there shall be a fabulous new WORKOUT VIDEO page.

Everything will be lovely & linked and all kinds of pretty up in therre.

Until then, this is what I got, People, so bookmark away.

In response to your comments & questions: a semi-grouping of my Monday Facetime ExerciseONLY videos (the motivational musings are all found here, too).

Chest exercises:

Basic pushup

Pushup variation

Dumbbell press

Dumbbell fly

Back exercises:

Bent over row

Blooper back plank

Tricep exercises:

Dips & overhead extensions


Plank kickback

Supine extensions

Bicep exercises:

Basic curl



Demo 1

Demo 2

Demo 3


Plie squat

Stiff legged dead lift

Shoulder exercises:

Front/side/rear deltoid

Traditional crunches

Core work:

Isometric ab contraction


Plank demo

Exercise band workout tips.

Kitchen exercise.

(all of these videos are also located on my youtube channe l)

And, should you find the long list above to be too friggin overwhelming, I have a treat for you.

Nuruplanet workout cards.

Small. Simple. & Im freakin SMITTEN.

The winners will be announced tomorrow and, since Im shipping,  the winner may be from anywhere on the planet.

EDITED TO SAY: there is now a page above with all videos listed. coming soon? links to all the Miz Motivational Muzings as well.

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