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MizFit Food of the Month Club & Who’s Your Fitness Guru?

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:53pm

First, my question for you.  A MizFit’s Reader Mail if you will.

This question is something I pondered when I launched MizFit & something I began to mull even more after Jillian Michael’s guest post.

Who are your fitness gurus & what do you look for in them?(and no. you may not say me.)

Before The Biggest Loser Id not head of the toughasnailsbutweloveher Jillian (you?).

And, Ill admit, the show had been on for a while before I learned that she’d once lost fifty-five pounds.

Which all lead me back to:

What do you look for in your guru?

Do you seek someone whom you think can identify with your struggles because they, too, have experienced the exact same thing?

Does it diminish in your eyes someone’s ability to relate when they’ve lost a great deal of weight at a different place in their life than you are right now? (Jillian, for example, shed the weight when she was approximately 13.)

Do you care not a bit if someone has experienced your *same* struggle?  Do you believe, as I do, that struggle is the great equalizer of the human experience  & we can all RELATE to the feeling & the specific situation is unimportant?

Do you feel, as many of my personal training clients did, that your guru has to be someone with zero current weight issues/struggles?  Must your guru be someone whom you already view as a success story in order to lead you down the healthy living path?

(I was always surprised how my clients who wanted to lose weight were often the ones who refused to take group exercise classes from instructors who weren’t uber fit.)

Inquiring MizFit minds wanna know.

Id love your thoughts in the comments.

( musical interlude so as to provide a smooooth transition )

On a lighter, sillier note I give you Dave Grotto & his second installment of MizFit’s Food of the Month Club.

Please to enjoy.

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