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MizFit Exposed.

Posted Nov 17 2009 10:01pm


To be honest, when Michelle from eatingjourney emailed and asked me to join in her Exposed blogger movement I had absolutely no intention of doing my own Exposed post.

It wasnt that I didnt think it was an amazing & powerful concept idea because I entirely did.

When I worked as a counselor for college-aged women Id launch all of our groups with an exercise Id imagine many of you are familiar with.

Id present them with butcher paper & ask them to draw what they though the outline of their body would look like.

Next Id have them plop on the paper & Id trace them and we’d compare the two pictures.

99.99999% of the time the women believed themselves to be far, far larger than they actually were.

No matter how many times I saw this exercise in action it broke my heart.

The women with whom I worked not only didnt appreciate their bodies for all the amazing things they could do—-they werent living *in* their bodies enough to have any sense of what they looked like.

As a result I adored Michelle’s idea & was really inspired watching bloggers from all over the world jump in, post Exposed pictures, and spread the body appreciation instead of the bodyloathing that can sometimes emerge in the blogworld.

My hesitation came from the fact I know all too frequently we (The  royal. The To my chagrin I experienced a lot of this reaction over here ) whether we wish to admit it or not still judge the proverbial book by its cover.

I feared that because many of you perceive me as “already fit”  it might lessen my message of overall overwhelming thankfulness and appreciation for every single facet of my body.

The fact is it was only after I worked my way to this place of self-love that, suddenly, all else (including but not limited to the physique) fell into place.

As soon as my healthy-living was no longer about the vessel but about what my body could do it was practically as if my body sensed it.

It immediately stopped fighting me and, it seemed, was eager to be as fit & healthy as it could possibly be.

(bear with me here as I didnt draw on my photo like the other women did. I could give you a million pretend-reasons why but honestly I just couldn’t figure out how.)

I am thankful for my eyes. I can see and, as a woman who has had a close family member struggle repeatedly with losing various aspects of his sight, I never, ever take that for granted.

I am thankful to my brain for the fact I can think clearly and remember. As a woman who has had seen a family member lose memory as a result of Alzheimers (then referred to merely as dementia) I dont take that for granted.

I am thankful I can walk. Lately the Tornado and I seem to be encountering many people in wheelchairs. As a result, she’s has started asking why they cant walk like she can. I am grateful for my legs.

I am thankful for my health, my strength & for making it to 40 without any major aches, pains or injuries.

My body demands foodfoodfood ( plenty of clean whole nutritious meals ), exercise ( not too much but consistently over years ) & lots of rest in the form of sleep and spiritual/meditation time.

What Ive learned (finally) is that when I give my body what it seeks it repays me ten-fold by being able to do pretty much anything I ask of it in return.

That’s me.

EXPOSED & proudly joining the ranks of thesegutsybeautifulinspiringstrongWOMEN ( I tried, to no avail, to  get Ren Man to join me. ).

Now you.

Men AND women.

I know it can be a really difficult, challenging experience but Im asking you to just consider taking a turn:

Why do YOU love your body? What specifically do you love about it?

Are you willing to expose yourself?

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