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Miz meets the Street Strider Summit 8r (video).

Posted Apr 02 2013 4:29am
street strider summit 8r

I shared! I shared!


Before we get started lets pause for a moment to bitch about address how busy we are.

Deadlines, blogging, work, family, friends, LIFE yada yada DONE.

Now that THAT’S out of the way—Id love to borrow one minute and fifty nine seconds of your day.

Close to two minutes you’ll never get back and yet less than two minutes to experience the Miz Becomes Phil Dunphy of the AMAZING Street Strider Summit 8r .

The video captures all my first experiences on the Strider and my progression from AWKWARD GAZELLE to…mildly less awkward misfit.

Please to enjoy.



What did we learn?  (AKA transcript alert for those of you blog-reading at the office):

  • The Street Strider has a learning curve—and it’s a short one.  I have not laughed as hard in my 43.75 years as I did on my initial attempt to get the Street Strider out of my driveway. And then allofasudden it CLICKED. Once I figured out how to gain forward motion it stuck and I was striding.
  • It’s easier if youve skied before.  Not captured on film is how the Husband EASILY grasped the side-to-side movement of the Strider.  Suffice it to say I was raised by a mother who insisted Jews dont ski (or have dogs, golf, drink–but thats a different blog post).
  • If you listen closely you can hear the Tornado cheering and giggling.  She loves every single thing about my Strider.  I loathe cardio .  Her giggling, loving and imploring me to go striding with her while she rides her bike has been FANTASTIC for my heart-fitness.
  • Miz cannot make herself heard through a helmet.  I tried. *Of course* when I stride I wear a SKULLmet.  When Im vlogging said SKULLmet muffles my voice.  Do not stride without proper protective gear—preferably emblazoned with girly skulls.
always. always.

always. always.


Now you.

Lay it on me.

  • Did you watch my initial attempts and think: I could have learned the forward motion far faster?
  • Are you now longing for a Street Strider as the Husband & Tornado are?
  • Can you name the BILL MURRAY movie from whence the vlog clip originated?



FTC: This is not a compensated post.  The Summit 8r was sent to me for review.  The laughing till I cried & love of the forward motion is all my own.

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