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Mixing kettlebells and strength training for fat loss and strength

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:49pm
As my regular readers now I am trying to reach that mythical place of being strong and lean at the same time. By strong I mean a 2.5 times bodywgeight squat and deadlift and a 1.5-2 times bodweight bench press raw. Raw meaning no equipment such as belts, wraps or suits. By lean I mean I can see my abs and don't have a belly!

Okay, so the plan to do this is 3-4 strength training days and 3-4 conditioning/fat loss days. The strength days are powerlifting based, focusing on compounds lifts such as the squat, bench press, deadlift , chin-ups and over head press. The fat loss days are high intensity training days focusing on kettlebells , hill sprints and body weight circuits.

Yesterday was a powerlifting day and I am using Alwyn Cosgrove's The New Rules of Lifting as the template. It was a squat workout that alternated doing singles of the squat with reps of 6. After a few power sets, I moved to lighter weight on the squats for reps to build some hypertrophy.

After squats was a Bulgarian Split Squat/Box Step-up superset for sets of higher reps. To finish off I did some core work for the abs and lower back.

The whole workout was maybe 45 minutes and it was a simple effective training session. Today I will do a kettlebell fat loss session and it will last only 30 minutes after the mobility work. The point I am trying to make is that you can workout frequently and get great results if you manage volume and plan your sessions intelligently. Each workout I go into has a focus, be it strength, fat loss or whatever, I always know what I am trying to accomplish. If you are asking yourself "why am I doing this" odds are good it is time for a change.

Below is a great video of a feat of strength with a kettlebell . The trainee is using a kettlebell for strength instead of fat loss in this case and it works great! Just goes to show you that tools don't have to be pigeon holed.
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