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Mercola’s Miracle Whey- Banana Flavor

Posted Jun 24 2010 9:19am


After I tried the Mercola Miracle Whey in Peanut Butter Flavor (see my review (praise) here ), I HAD to try the banana flavor. I LOVE banana and banana-flavored things, so I was all over it. They kindly sent me the flavor to review, and it was lovely! I have to say, that the peanut butter flavor floored me because I had never tasted such a good-tasting, actually-peanut-butter-tasting protein powder! I guess that trying so many ill-tasting, alleged “peanut butter flavor” (NOT!) protein powders set me up so when I actually TASTED one that DID taste good and like PB, I was shocked and delighted. I think, though, that since I didn’t have the previous strings of disappointments with banana-flavored protein powders (in fact, I had never tried a banana-flavored one before), that I was not as “floored.” I will tell you though, darlings, that the banana Miracle Whey is YUMMY! It’s totally banana-y and totally good, and chock-full-of-health.

From their site :

“Take a look at just a few of the benefits you’ll receive when you supplement your daily diet with Miracle Whey:

  • Made from all-natural grass fed cows’ whey, providing more of nature’s nutrients
  • Is certified free of GMO ingredients, pesticides, and chemicals, protecting you from the damaging effects of chemicals and hormones*
  • Is cold processed, and never processed with acid chemicals, thereby retaining all its natural goodness
  • Provides all key amino acids, so you get all the protein building blocks your body needs*
  • Retains maximum biological value with beneficial micronutrients intact*
  • Contains the highest concentration of leucine of any dairy product, said to increase energy levels and support building of muscle mass*
  • Contains water-soluble fiber, which supports healthy blood sugar levels* and prebiotic properties*
  • Contains 25% or more glycomacropeptides for immune support, high energy, muscle building and recovery after exercise*
  • Contains MCTs from all-natural coconut oil for easy digestion and fast energy*
  • Rich in glutamic acid and branch chain amino acids which aid muscle-building and recovery *
  • Contains all whey microfructures, immunoglobulins and lactoferins, promoting your healthy immune function and healthy flora balance*
  • No sugar, sugar alcohol or artificial sweeteners added that detract from the positive benefits of whey.
  • Includes the same immuno compounds that are found naturally in human breast milk — responsible for providing newborns with their immune defense*
  • Promotes satiety, so compulsive craving for refined carbs and sweets is curbed*
  • Comes in your choice of six delicious flavors with no aftertaste like some powders on the market. Available in vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, banana and peanut butter (made from all-organic peanuts)

Plus, Miracle Whey™ contains the much researched (and scientifically proven) beta glucans, so you can be sure that your immune system is getting the boost it needs.* Beta glucans modulate your immune response.* Most importantly, they don’t over-stimulate your immune system like so many other products.*”

I would say that, for me, the most significant benefit is that it is made from grass-fed cows, and free of toxins and artificial products. Ever since I got certified as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, which required me to attend a course on improving health holistically, I became more cognizant of the pernicious effects on our bodies of hormones and chemicals from non-organic food sources, so it’s great that Mercola offers a whey from grass-fed cows! The lack of toxicity is especially relevant given the recent results from the scientific studies exposing high levels of poisons such as arsenic and cadmium in common protein powders (Mercola’s article is here ; google it for more info)!

Most commonly, I used the banana protein powder to mix into my oatmeal (yum) or even to make banana sweet omelettes or banana protein pancakes. (sorry for crappy iphone pics! you get the idea, tho!) ;)



Banana Egg White Omelette

Banana Egg White Omelette

Similarly to the peanut butter Miracle Whey, I am not that excited about the amount of carbs per serving (19 carbs per 2 scoops- I typically use 1/2 to 1 scoop), but overall I would definitely recommend the banana whey as a great quality protein powder. The end! xo

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