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Menstruation Effects On Pole

Posted Oct 06 2012 3:36pm

I copied this information from the Pole dance for Fitness Instruction Commission of Canada, PFIC’s Facebook Page. I always wondered about the effects of pole fitness during menstruation. After doing some research about being inverted for long periods of time while menstruating , I discovered that it was not a good idea. Your period comes out because of gravity and small contractions in the uterus. Being upside down cannot allow that natural flow. I know I’m not inverted for long periods of time while on the pole but I am flipping around a lot so maybe there is no harm? When ever I go to the studio, I love hanging upside down on the hammock for long periods of time. It feel so euphoric. But when I’m having a period I don’t. Allow your body to naturally flow out! :) LOL!!!


Please check out PFIC for your instructor certification course and other pole health and safety information! And don’t forget to LIKE THEIR PAGE! :)

Not sure how many people actually know this….but when you are on your menstrual cycle, your inverts should never be longer than 15 seconds.

Inversions are not recommended during the menstrual period for philosophic as well as physiologic reasons.

During the menses, the pelvic vascular bed contains more blood than at other times of the cycle. The uterine blood supply enters the uterus from the right and left sides of the pelvis. These blood vessels are located in the broad ligaments that suspend the uterus from the pelvis. The uterine arteries are thick-walled and muscular. The uterine veins are thin-walled and easily collapsed.

During inversions, the uterus is pulled toward the head by gravity, causing the broad ligaments to be stretched. This can cause stretch and partial collapse or occlusion of the thin-walled veins, while allowing the uncollapsed arteries to continue to pump in blood. Thus, more blood enters the uterus via the arteries than can be carried away by the veins. The vascular congestion that results can lead to increased menstrual bleeding.

Hindu philosophy teaches that during menses the direction of energy is down and out of the body. This flow should not be obstructed or reversed as it is in inversions.

While science is staring to rule out the role of inverted poses in endometriosis, it has not ruled the postures out as cause for another condition, vascular congestion. Although there is no research to date which supports this idea, there is also no research that debunks it. As a result, many instructors still recommend avoiding inverted poses during menstruation.

On another note for women during menses:  Women will perspire more during their cycle, than any other time of the month.  Holding the pole becomes a safety concern as cycles can cause bouts of hyper-hydrosis.

Pole Safe….and Informed!

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