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Men Have a Distorted View of What Women Find Attractive

Posted Nov 15 2010 11:37am

Attention men! This just in: you don’t need to gain 30 pounds of muscle in order for women to find you attractive.

I found this post from back in the year 2000 about a Harvard study in which college-aged men were asked to pick their ideal body from a group of images. Most men chose the body with 30 pounds more muscle mass than what they currently had.

A group of college females were then asked to choose which of the body images they were most attracted to. The majority of the women picked a body with 15-30 pounds less muscle than the men picked.

What a conundrum!

The take-home message here is that if you think you need to gain 30 pounds of muscle for women to find you attractive, you can probably focus on gaining about 10 pounds of muscle and then switch to a fat loss phase in order to get down to that coveted 8% bodyfat range. After all, it doesn’t take a Harvard scientist to tell us that most women swoon over ripped 6 pack abs.

Once you’ve got some muscle and a ripped midsection, then you can focus on strength or performance by training for speed and power. That way you can defend your woman when that 240 pound bodybuilder at the club tries to hit on her because he thinks he can kick your Brad-Pitt’s-physique-in-Fight-Club’s ass.

He might have 20 inch guns, but you’ll be able to smack him down in under a minute by bobbing, weaving, and throwing a couple well-placed hay-makers. Hahaha… this was a fun post.

If you are a man, what is your ideal physique? What are you trying to attain? Personally, this study won’t discourage me from trying to gain at least another 5 pounds of beef.

If you are a woman, what physique are you attracted to? Robert Downey Jr. or The Rock?

Discuss it in the comments!

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