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The birth of a baby girl to a Thomas Beatie in the US is without doubt or much surprise drawing major international attention.

Mr Beatie stopped hormone treatment in order to be able to get pregnant. People are of course wondering how Mr Beatie, 34, could possibly conceive a child, carry it to term and give birth.

The answer is more logical that at first meets the eye - although he is now legally male, Mr Beatie was born a woman - Tracy Lagondino.

While he has had his breasts removed and has taken male hormones providing him with facial hair, he has kept his female reproductive organs and can therefore carry and give birth to babies.

His daughter was conceived via donor insemination after he had stopped taking his hormone treatment.

Dr James Barrett is a psychiatrist based at the National Gender Identity Clinic in London, which sees over 700 patients a year seeking gender reassignment.

He said it was unusual for the female hormonal system of someone who had taken male hormones to restart, as Mr Beatie’s did, in order to allow periods and pregnancy to take place.

Dr Barrett also explained the process a patient seeking gender reassignment in the UK would go through.

News information courtesy of:BBC NEWS | Health | How can a man have a baby?

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