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Memory Been Letting You Down Discover If It Needs A Workout.

Posted Mar 29 2010 8:26am
As we age we often find that our bodies don’t work quite as well as they have in the past. One of the most common issues I hear from my friends and experience myself with is forgetting things or problems with memory.

Its common for people to get memory loss and experience a foggy memory.Often it’s easy to remember really important stuff like memorable events its just the details that get a bit lost.

I was quite shocked to find out that this issue is not just confined to older people. Memory loss can happen any time and even children forget things. Some of that will be down to being so busy and having so much stuff on our minds. It’s as if stuff seems to melt from our minds somehow.

One thing I personally experience quite often is something simple like where I have put my car keys or that letter I put in a safe place a couple of days ago.

If it’s only the odd ocassion we tend to laugh it off saying things like I was just to busy or I wasn’t thinking at the time. But if it happens more often it could be more serious and might warrant investigation.

Memory loss is a worry to people they first think they are losing their mind and feel awkward talking to others about it even their doctors.They would rather just forget about it and accept it without further thought on the matter as part of the old age process.

There are number of answers to the problem of memory loss. Depending on the level of the problem, the solutions can range from brain training to enhance your memory, to some health supplements that help clear the mind or where the problem is more severe this may require advice and intervention from your doctor and drug therapy.

One way of helping your memory is to write things down to help bring them back to the front of your mind. We often find this is all that is required to jog our memory back on track.

This method is effective for another reason which is when we write stuff down in a journal or note book it helps us visualise the event and often we don’t even need to refer to our original note to recall it.

I have problems recalling names so I find if I repeat them a few times it helps implant them in my memory for the future give it a try it really works. It’s even better if you try and imagine the person when saying their name.

Memory loss is a situation that can happen to anyone at any time. But using a few simple exercises you can build you memory back to what it once was. It’s a variation on the sort of memory games you might have played as a child.

For adults they are a bit more involved than that but I am sure you get the idea?Keeping your mind exercised is just as important as any exercise for your body. Many of us neglect both.Remember if you don’t work your mind it won’t work when you need it.


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