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Meet Your Muscles - Trapezius

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:25pm
Muscles...some people want to build them. Some people want to tone them. Some people want to shrink them. Some people want to flex them at parties. Some people just want to have them. Meet Your Muscles gives you a unique look at some of your 430+ skeletal muscles.

Today's Muscle:
#4, 3, & 8 - Trapezius 

So what is my favorite circus act? Well, I can definitely tell you what it is not.

Clowns frighten me, elephants stink, jugglers are big dorks, and the tight rope walkers are cheating some how. This leaves me with the Trapeze! 

Honestly, its not because of the flipping and acrobatic feats, but because it always reminds me of today's muscle group.

Interesting things about the trapezius that might make you flip:

  • Also referred to as 'traps'
  • Although it is one muscle is has three sections: Upper (#4), Middle (#3), Lower (#8)
  • The trapezius helps to raise, lower, and bring together your shoulder blades
  • Opposite is said for the middle and lower parts of the trap which typically become under active and weak.We need to strengthen them
  • Tightness of the upper traps can also create tissue overload on the rotator cuff muscles as well as altered movement of the cervical spine and scapula. This in turn, puts you at a greater risk for a shoulder injury
  • I would consider weighted shrugs which target the upper trap be more of a risk than benefit  
  • The upper trapshould get enough workfrom over head pressing exercises

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