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Medicine Ball Woodchopper Mishap!

Posted May 13 2008 12:33pm
Here is a look at how to do the exercise.

Notice how you take the ball from over your head to your feet. Well that motion for this 40 year old body was too much. I didn’t feel any pain when I was doing 60 reps on each side with a 14 lb medicine ball. But less than an hour after I had completed my workout my lower back was in pain. I could not do anything that would involve being counter height. I couldn’t bend down to flip the toilet seat up. I couldn’t bend over the sink to look in the mirror closer to put my make-up on. I took Advil, iced it and put my home tens unit on it. But it just wasn’t getting better. I knew I couldn’t workout with the pain so today I went to the chirporator first thing in the morning. He said my pain has to do with my Sciatic Nerve. The pain starts at the dipples in my back. It is mainly on my left side with the pain sometimes going down my left leg and up my left shoulder blade. Why do I have to get old and get these kind of aches? Since I have turned 40 I have expereinced more pain in my body than any other year. I will not be able to workout until my back is better. I go in again on Friday. I am currently icing my back 4 times a day for 20 minutes each. He also told me that the 14 lb medicine ball was too heavy for me. Plus I should stretch out before I power lift. I guess not all Power Workouts should be done using heavy weights. I might not do a woodchopper again. This stinks!

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