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Medical and Health Benefits of Yoga

Posted Dec 20 2009 9:51pm

Improved Strength:

The benefits of yoga on the mind, body and internal organs are beyond words. In some postures, strength can be gained in both the muscles and the joints.

Power Healing:

The practice of yoga can be a powerful tool against all kinds of ailments including allergies, breathing problems and diabetes. It is also very beneficial to the circulatory system, reproductive system and the digestive system.

Increased Energy:

Everyone seems to be tired today and hence seek the aid of harmful energy drinks. There is a healthy alternative. Yoga promotes liveliness and strength, so opt for a health yoga routine before you purchase another energy drink.

Added Flexibility:

Both doctors and physiotherapists are recommending Yoga to help your body be more limber. People with back aches, recurring stress grievances, and ache after surgery have found relief with the help of stretching techniques available through yoga.

Enhanced Mind Power:

The most popular benefit people report from utilizing yoga is heightened awareness and attentiveness. Yoga can clear your mind and leave it ready to face the day.

Mental Health:

Depression affects millions of people. Therapy and Yoga can help you a lot to get rid of depression. Chanting mantras regularly can give you a soothing effect and stabilize your mind by keeping it at rest.

Relief from High Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure or hypertension has been shown to be controlled by using Pranayama-like breathing methods which lower the blood pressure.

Controlled Asthma:

Children and adults who suffer from asthma can benefit greatly from the use of yoga. By implementing the techniques of cleansing, preservation and breathing, the asthma levels can become more bearable.

Less Respiratory Ailments:

Individuals with continuous bronchitis and other respiratory problems can be helped immensely by yoga. Breathing exercises will make people control their coughing spells or develop the ability to breathe freely.

Easier Menstruation and Childbirth:

Many women experience debilitating pain during menstruation. This can be alleviated with yoga as it helps to loosen the muscles in the body. In addition, yoga has proven to be both beneficial to the mother and child during child birth. This allows for a healthier, more natural birthing experience.

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