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Measuring Food

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:02pm

Once you have your food journal rolling and you are in the habit of recording foods your next step is to start measuring. By quantifying the amount of food that you are eating you will quickly learn what a portion is.

Most Americans are unaware of what a portion of food is. In our society with 120 oz. big gulps and super sized menu items it is easy to have a distorted perception of a true portion. Your average sit down restaurant will serve you a meal that will provide your body it's total caloric needs in a 24 hour period. That is just one meal!

I will cover different ways of measuring food in a later posting but for now lets concentrate on food labels. Look at the food labels of what you are eating and start recording in your journal how many calories are in each portion. If you are eating 2 portions be sure to record double your calories for that item.

Food labels can be tricky so make sure you read them carefully. When you read the food label you might notice that it lists all the calories, fat and carbohydrates for one serving. The trick is to know how many servings are in that product. This is listed at the top of the food label. So, your product that you are about to eat lists the calories for one serving as 100 calories. The servings per box says their is 4 servings in the box. So if you ate the whole box you would have just consumed 400 calories, not the 100 that was listed on the food label.

So examine those food labels closely and begin to record the calories consumed next to the item consumed in your food journal.

Ex. 1/2 peanut butter sandwich
1 whole wheat bread - 100 cals
1tbsp P.B. - 80 cals
1tsp. jelly - 35 cals
Total cals - 215 cals

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