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Measure Your Success With Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss

Posted Aug 24 2008 10:02pm

What's the best way to measure success with your exercise program? Understand that as you build muscle, your weight may even go up a little at first, but your inches (fat loss) WILL go down (looser fitting clothes are an excellent indication of change).

Your body may be changing but the scale might not show it yet. Take your circumference measurements (neck, chest, arm, waist, hips, etc) and body fat percentage every month or so to track your progress. IF YOUR BODY IS SHRINKING, YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL (Lean and Tone)! Don't let the publicity of commercial weight loss programs deceive you. FAT LOSS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WEIGHT LOSS. RESEARCH HAS PROVEN THAT EXCESS BODY FAT (ESPECIALLY ABDOMINAL FAT) IS A PRE-CURSOR TO DISEASES SUCH AS CANCER.

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