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Meal Timing - Let's Follow Up!

Posted Sep 02 2010 7:08am

So hopefully you stuck to a full week of journal writing.

And now that you have all the info, what next?

Well first things first, congratulations for accomplishing the hard part: Identifying the situation. :-)

Now in your journal make the following notations
1. Your wake up time
2. Schedule on your calendar or in your crackberry - 1 hour later EAT first meal of the day. Set an alarm if you have to. But EAT Something.
3. Now schedule small meals every 3 - 4 hours in your calendar or crackberry.
4. If your bed time is late like mine, usually midnight, it is OK to eat a small snack at 9pm. But keep it balanced -- a good idea is a yogurt.

Next lets analyze what you were eating.

Is there room for improvement? What are your vegetable intakes like? Have you noticed you eat a lot of carbs? Did you even record your liquid intake, do you drink enough water thoughout the day?

Each of our lives are different, so make the plan make sense for you. You've come this far, so WHY not proceed? The results are bound to put a smile on your face. :-)


*Hey guys! Karina here. Will upload my food log later. It's in bits and pieces 'cause of been emailing it out to Taj and Angela daily, (plus, to be honest, the last two days, I've slacked off) but will do this afternoon!

Photo: Courtesy of Food Stories on Flickr.

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