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May 4th & 5th - Back to Tracking

Posted May 06 2009 11:50am
May 4th -

Not a great day. Two vodka watermelon smashers at dinner. I am so glad I didn't discover these till the end. They are soooo good. Basically they smash fresh fruit and mix it with vodka. YUM!

May 5th -

Once again I'm disappointed in myself. I drank too much last night. We were at the bar for the last time in this hotel (we're moving due to the hotel closing). We've had some good times there so we got drunk for one last time. Now, if I would have just drank and not had nuts at the bar or food when I got back to my room I would have been fine. Well not fine. But I would feel better about myself today.

This is what my binge cost me:

Alcohol: 450 calories
Food after drinking: 600
Additional calories I could have burned if I did my full workout today: 300
TOTAL: 1300 calories

This isn't even counting extra calories I might eat today being tired and hung over.

I did keep my calories down during the day. Think how bad my calorie intake would have been if I hadn't. I need to pick myself up so that I don't lose my way today. I had a good workout yesterday and I got up and walked for 45 minutes this morning. I finally found a good route that has a few hills and is pretty. Of course it's my last night at the hotel!

I have about 2 weeks left in Cancun and I need to stop drinking so much. I'm taking it day by day. Tonight I am NOT drinking. There is nothing that could happen tonight to validate drinking. The reason will be that we're at a new hotel, new bars. That is not good enough. I am not drinking tonight.
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