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May 1st - May 4th: Back to Tracking

Posted May 04 2009 10:02pm
I have not been good!

BUT I was on vacation. Likely excuse, right? I've been in Mexico for almost 6 months, I'm ALWAYS on vacation.

This weekend I got away from Cancun and went to Tulum. It was BEAUTIFUL and a much needed get away from Cancun and from work. It's basically a town of hotels on the beach. They're very small hotels with only about 10 'rooms' in each.

They're all on the beach and lose power at some point during the day or night. You can get rooms priced at all different rates. We didn't have a television or blackberry so it was a great escape, especially from all the news. You would never have known there was swine flu out there.

I definitely overindulged....mostly on chips. GRRRR to me!

I didn't drink that much. Just a few beers and a couple margaritas on Saturday. Not good but could have been worse. What am I saying?! Could have been worse?! I had TWO margaritas. I don't drink margaritas!!

I made some other bad choices but I don't even feel like confessing those. I am a broken record. I'm always complaining about what I'm eating and drinking but clearly I am not changing. I might be having fun now but when I return to the states and even more stress I'm really going to wish I hadn't gained this much weight. I've almost had to buy ALL new clothes. Now I'm going from Cancun (flip flops and tank tops) to Washington, DC (definitely not flip flops and tank tops).

I will say one good thing I've discovered .....freezing yogurt! I eat it much slower and it's just like eating ice cream. I definitely recommend it!

Today I started to go a little crazy. We have to change hotels because so many people have canceled their stay here that they can't afford to keep the hotel open any longer. Now we're going to a new hotel with new bars and new restaurants to explore. NOT GOOD for me! I won't be able order the salad that I always order from room service. Plus everyone is bored out of their minds because the mall is closed, the clubs are closed, the movie theater is closed. There's nothing to do except eat and drink!! For some reason lately I have the hardest time saying no. I'm not a very social person, except here for some reason. Maybe I just like the people more? I think that's a big part of it. I never have a group of friends that I just always have fun with. It's good. We laughed all night long tonight. I just need to figure out a better balance. Which seems pointless now because everyone is leaving.

I think it's going to be hard to avoid the nights of eating and drinking. Just being honest. SO what I think I need to do is eat less during the day. I'm going to try that tomorrow and see what happens. If I end up not eating a lot at night then less calories down for me.

I need a plan to follow when I'm done with this. I'm thinking Leah Peele. I bought her books and I followed her 30 day challenge before. I need something to keep me on track.
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