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Max Effort Squat Workout

Posted Jan 24 2010 12:00am
  • Zercher Squat, work up to a max single, don't be afraid to fail!
  • Barbell Complex, 4 rounds, 3-4 minutes rest between sets
    • reverse lunge x 8
    • high pull x 8
    • stiff leg deadlift x 10
    • barbell roll-out x 10
    • barbell hip thrust x 10
Here is a video demonstrating the zercher squat. This is a great drill to boost your squat or deadlift because it forces your abs, which are often the weak link, to contract like mad! Also, it can be done safely without a spotter.

The barbell hip thrust is probably the best posterior chain movement I have ever tried except for maybe reverse hypers. This drill will boost your lifts without being overly stressfull or requiring a spot. I love these!

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