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Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match!

Posted Oct 14 2008 4:59am

Subtitle: and some other breaking news.

I was totally shocked pleasantly surprised at how many of you decided to jump in & do the MizFit Motivational Matchups (who said we bumbling band types arent joiners?!).

I also received more than a few TELL ME WHAT THE HELL THIS ENTAILS & THEN I SHALL TELL YOU IF IM IN messages, too.

So here goes.

All laid out.

In short snappy nonMizFit’y (if by MizFit’y you mean rambly —-which I do) prose.

* Im all about the accountability partners. Peeps whom we may not even SEE on a regular basis but who help keep us on track with regards to our goals (which are, all together now, really just DREAMS WITH TIME LINES).

* Because I have had such fantastic support from people Ive never met (you know who you are…) I wanted to set you all up with the same kind of encouraging dynamic. Random pairingsof supportive partners (IMO we need NOT share goals in order to cheer each other on to success. Sometimes I think it’s better *not* to share goals so the other person can be impartial/offer insights not tarnished by her own mission/goal striving).

* SUPPORTIVE. HEALTHY. These words are key and, since we are all grown ass women (no men jumped in the fray), I shall leave it at that, People. If you cant envision how this might become UNhealthy with regards to encouragement—–email me. Ill happily enlighten you.

* What does this entail? Whatever you want it to entail!
Emails, instant messages, twitters, text messages, phone calls, small tokens of motivation mailed to each other—it’s all up to you & your partner! What I do suggest is that you cut & paste the below (or generate your own similar missive) by way of introduction and then let the correspondence take on a life of its own.

Dear _____,

My name is ____ , my friends call me _____, if I could only meet Richard from Texas from the book Eat Pray Love he’d immediately bestow upon me a cool nickname which would be ____.

I have a blog (address: )/I dont currently blog.

My goals right now are pretty much A. B. C.

I wanted to have an accountability partner because _________________ but I almost didnt sign up because ___________. In my mind it would be perfect if you _______ because I tend to drop the ball when it comes to ___________.

That said, I do not respond well when people __________ so dont do that if you wanna motivate me. For reals.

OK. Im out.



That’s it! If youve not emailed me before and want IN email me ASAP.

If youve emailed me before saying you’d like more info and now want in —EMAIL ME.

Matches to come.

Still unclear? Hit me up in the comments!


And OATWARD. (get it? like upward? not funny? oh. ok.)

Guess who was invited (along with 14 other fab bloggers) by Quaker Oats to spend a fun filled weekend at Quaker Oats ’ headquarters in Chicago.

Not only will I be able to learn more about Quaker, its business, and its commitment to heart health BUT I’ll get to ramble at them about what the Bumbling Band wants in a their products (more on this notion tomorrow).

And (I know. Even I was a little surprised at the tripandmore ) we’ll have access to a registered dietician who works with Quaker to help us learn more about heart healthy diets & exercise plans.

Please to don yer thinkingcapsbandannas —–Im sure Ill be needing your input, queries, and outfit suggestions (it.cold.there.)

And, last but not least, we are getting a post from the amazing, inimitable needeth no introduction Jillian.

(please to refer back to HERE and return back to, well, up in herre for her insights on 10.22)

EDITED TO SAY: OKAY, People.  I ALREADY have a QQ (aka: Quaker Question) for you in comment 10…thanks in advance.

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