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Mass Gaining Secrets Mass gainin...

Posted Aug 24 2008 7:29pm

Mass Gaining Secrets

Mass gaining secrets is a popular term in the fitness world. To be brutally honest most of these mass gaining secrets aren't secrets at all. They are just proven and true methods of building muscle that when applied properly, result in amazing muscle gains.

I most commonly get three different and specific questions about how to build pounds of lean muscle. Most people don't take the fastest steps to any goal because they are rushing to get there. In all the rush, they get confused and totally miss the training boat. Muscle building confusion can be broken down into three questions.

The first question is how long you should try to add muscle for. The old school theory of eating like a pig for a few months then dieting has gone out the window. You don't build muscle, you add fat plus this method has numerous negative health benefits. Add in the fact that it will take you longer to drop the extra fat that you added and you've done some damage to your body.

What is the best option? Without a doubt the best and easiest option is to consume excess calories for a few short period of time, around 4 weeks. Now you aren't going crazy for four weeks but you are eating more. After that time period, you slowly drop your calories for two weeks so that your body doesn't get too fat and you do it all over again.

The next biggest frustration is when people think they need to gain a magic 30 pounds. They have to have a limit on the amount of muscle that they gain and feel that if they don't gain a certain number then the they failed. This is a big lie that is ravaging the fitness world. I'd rather gain five pounds of solid muscle then twenty pounds of half muscle and half fat.

Last, most people get suck with nutrition. The most common question is which nutrients to raise as you train. Do you go with more carbs and protein or more protein and fat? The simplest answer that you'll ever find is that you should raise your carbohydrates around your workout time. It is simple and easy and works the best. Add the carbs around your work and eat a ton of them and you'll know your own mass gaining secrets.

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