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Maria Menounos earns a “Giants” Bikini

Posted Feb 08 2012 10:42am
Maria Menounos earns a “Giants” Bikini

After losing a Super Bowl bet with Extra co-host AJ Calloway, Maria Menounos had to wear a Giants-colored bikini in the middle of Times Square. Good thing she has stuck to her weight loss plan , which helped her to lose over 40 pounds a few years ago and keep it off! She looked awesome in the red, white and blue bikini and a pair of warm, furry black Uggs. At least her feet were warm! Even fellow cohost Mario Lopez mentioned how good she looked in his Tweet, “My girl @mariamenounos lost a Super Bowl bet & had to wear a NY Giants bikini! Big props..Look great.”

Even though we now know her as the beautiful, cheerful and trim journalist for Access Hollywood and The Today Show, Maria Menounos was once 40 pounds overweight, unhappy and searching for something to make her feel better about herself. She found what she was looking for when she realized she had a problem with eating and needed to take matters into her own hands.

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She hired a personal trainer for one session (all she could afford) and used that informational program, which included jumping rope, situps, pushups, steps, squats and lunges, to transform her body. It was a generalized plan that incorporated bodyweight exercises into a complete strength training and resistance program. She said that she still has the program to use if she ever gains weight again. Not likely anytime soon.

Her program didn’t stop with exercise; that was only the beginning. Menounos knew she had to reign in her eating if she was going to lose weight and get healthy. Instead of taking the all or nothing approach to dieting that leaves most dieters with a quick weight loss that comes back just as quickly, Menounos decided to play it safe. She opted to limit portion sizes, cut down on fast food and learn to read food labels . She says that she never really cut out eating any particular food all together, but she did become aware of exactly what she was eating.

Her plan worked for her in the past and still works today. Now, she’s not trying to lose, just to keep things balanced. “If I want a cheeseburger and French fries, I’m going to get it. But I know I can’t do that every single day. And I’m going to balance it off and eat healthy the next couple days.”

Menounos is still committed to getting in her exercise, she squeezes “things in every which way” she can. She runs on the treadmill, plays basketball and even does squats while she’s on the phone.

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