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Marcie’s Weight Loss Challenge, Get to know Marcie and Find out What the Challenge is!!

Posted Apr 15 2012 10:04pm

Hi everyone, I am sooooooo excited for Marcie and the journey she is about to take!! I remember the day that Marcie and her hubby walked in to Commit and Conquer and to one of my sessions.  They looked a little leary of this crazy trainer that yells a lot but, they gave it a shot!  She was hooked the first day and said that this is what she needed to get her motivation back.  Ever since that day Marcie has been coming to almost all of the sessions and has been an awesome addition to our CAC team.  I can’t wait for her to start this challenge and walk this journey with her every step of the way!  This is a trainers dream (my dream), to be able to help someone in the gym and then give them a step by step guide outside the gym. We all know that eating habits contribute 80% to the success or lack of success of weightloss!  Now, Marcie is getting the workouts and plan!!  She will be doing the VEMMA Bod-e challenge along with Personal training sessions with me and doing the class sessions offered at CAC.   Here is a little history about Marcie and why she wants to do the challenge (and her beautiful picture):

Hi, I’m Marcie, recently Lori offered to hold my hand if I agreed to take the Vemma 12 week challenge. So, With Lori’s hand in mine I am going to share my experience with you through each step of my transformation. With that said I’ll tell you a little about myself.  In February I had THAT birthday that a young woman doesn’t want to embrace, you know the big 3-0?  In the past five years I have grown physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am a military spouse, my husband is a soldier in the United States Army. That alone is a tough journey. In the beginning I was very resistant against the constant changes and the unknown. We had 2 weeks to be newlyweds then I had to kiss him goodbye for a year due to the war in Iraq. After his return we settled into a routine and yes, the weight started packing itself on. I’ve never been the skinny girl, but never thought of myself as fat either, that was until I had to start buying bigger sizes of pants then shirts. I was far away from my family and friends and became emotionally distant, that’s when the self sabotage began. I went from a comfortable size 10 all the way to a size 20. It wasn’t overnight, but within a few short years. I battled with my husband’s multiple deployments to Iraq with food. Instead of doing the right thing I would plant with self in front of the TV, coke in hand and watch Food Network looking for the most indulgent recipes to add to my grocery list.

Although my weight was like the elephant in the room, my husband never said anything bad about it. Just as I was accepting North Carolina to be my home, my husband came home one day to inform me we were moving to Colorado. That’s when my life changed for the good. Again, not overnight things began to get better. My husband and I were happier than we had been since being newlyweds. We decided to build a house in Pueblo and start a family. At a weight not normally recommended, the two pink lines appeared! We were so excited to be new parents. Our son Jackson was born on November 3, 2007. The baby weight kinda went away, but only because I was so sick during the pregnancy I really didn’t gain that much. Soon after Jackson turned 1, we decided baby number 2 would be a good idea. On October 19, 2009 our family grew and we welcomed a second son Tyler. During my pregnancy with Tyler, my husband was in Iraq for the fourth time. I was most happy with a spicy chicken sandwich in one hand while the other was reaching for the french fries. Let’s  just say the devil on my shoulder was winning at the time. To be honest I don’t know how much I gained during that pregnancy, but enough to be ashamed about.One day while getting out of the shower I saw a stranger in the mirror. I stepped closer  trying to recognize my reflection. That’s when I looked straight at myself ans said, “Hey Marcie things are out of control, put the spicy chicken sandwich down, enough is enough.” That’s when I took a stand for myself to be a better person not just for me, but to be a better mom and a better role model.

The very next day I joined weight watchers. I was successful with losing 40 pounds, but came to a stand still. I quickly lost motivation and became the yo – yo dieter. Usually that meant when it was convenient I would make the right decisions. It wasn’t until just a few months ago a friend of mine invited me to go to the gym with her. She lead me to a world of inspiration I never knew existed, she lead me to Commit and Conquer. I have never been part of a group of people that care so deeply about each member. I’m not a number, I’m a person to them and they want to make sure I get the fullest of what they have to offer. I am psyched about the next 12 weeks of my life. I hope that through this I can finally be comfortable in my skin. I’m not expecting unreasonable results, but I know along with Lori and the rest of the CAC staff I will get further and stronger than I have ever been.


Here is the information on the challenge:

The Vemma Bod•ē 12-Week Transformation Plan is an innovative eating plan that, when used in conjunction with the Vemma Bod•ē products, is designed to create contrast in the body. The plan instills the habit of eating smaller meals more often to support results, thus giving you a satisfied feeling, instead of hunger or deprivation.*

Each food cycle is seven days, which serves as a milestone that you can commit to and achieve, while offering flexibility to eat an array of foods you enjoy eating. Variety makes all the difference for your body transformation, because you begin to focus on eating smart proteins with smart carbohydrates to boost muscle and keep your metabolism in high gear.* You even get to indulge once in a while!

I absolutely can’t wait to take this journey with Marcie!! You should be excited too, because we are all going to follow her and support her every step of the way.  We are going to do weekly videos and pictures showing Marcie’s progress and anything else you want to know.  It is great to know someone personally who is taking the challenge and to see that the results are real and they happen to real people!!  Marcie and I are so excited to show this to you and hope that it will help others realize that they can do it too.

I would like this to be a place where you can come once a week and be inspired and excited. But, I also would like this to be a place where we support Marcie in this challenge.  It is not going to be a cake walk, Marcie has work ahead of her (and is commited fully to do what it takes) and we need to be here to encourage her and let her know that she has a team rooting for her. So, get ready, this is gonna be a great ride!!!


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