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Marci Loves Ice Cream, Cheesecake and Chocolate

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:20pm


I love Ice cream.  I love my mom’s cheesecake.  I love chocolate.  

Yeah you’re probably scratching your head with a bewildered look on your face saying to yourself “I thought this guy was a personal trainer – shouldn’t he be setting a good example?”

Don’t worry, I eat my sweets in moderation.

But I’m sure you’re just like me, and adore ice cream, cheesecake and chocolate.  And trust me I know how eating ice cream can feel like you’re in heaven. 

Even though I like sweets, I don’t consider my self a “sugar addict” and if you like sweets too, you shouldn’t consider yourself an addict as well.  If you stayed away from these foods I’m positive that you wouldn’t suffer from any type of withdrawal.

The problem starts when you start to overindulge in these sweets, and the solution to this problem is to modify your habit.

But why are these foods so easy to overindulge in?  

First off all these foods are made up of fat and sugar – the dangerous duo.   They’re made up of about 60% sugar and about 30% fat. They’re disastrous because they taste so damn good and it’s hard not to eat more!

There was actually a study that was conducted where scientists asked a bunch of volunteers to rate their preference on certain foods without knowing what they were eating.  Most of the volunteers whether fat or thin preferred the food that was – you guessed it…60% sugar and 30% fat.

The second and final problem occurs when you overindulge.  As you eat the sugar level in your body increases, and your pancreas is alerted to release insulin to reduce your blood-sugar level.  From the increase of insulin you ultimately increase your storage of fat.  Not what we want.

But hey, if you exercise regularly, eat healthy 80% percent of the time and have the self control to not overindulge in the dangerous duo, then you definitely deserve having that scoop of ice cream, slice of cheesecake or square of chocolate – Enjoy it.  Don’t overindulge in it!


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