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Manly Cardio. Lose fat without the indignity of aerobics or jogging!

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:09pm

I am a man's man. I lift weights, practice Thai Boxing, and am don't like anything that would be considered feminine. At the gym today there was a "cardio kickboxing" class going on. Basically aerobics with some pathetic attempts at punching and kicking. Now I have nothing against these classes, they are taught by a very fit lady and attended by a lot of very fit women. The problem I have is that sometimes guys attend these classes.

I feel bad for these guys. Maybe they don't know this is a "chick" class. Hey maybe they do and they go for the girls. I don't know. But I do know this, a man can get some great conditioning workouts in without succumbing to dancing to 80's songs with a techno remix.

Manly conditioning workout number 1: The punching bag. I suggest hitting it. That seems to get the heart pumping. In all seriousness, punch kick and knee the thing like a madman for 3 minute rounds. Do as many rounds as you can handle and go as hard as possible. One note though, do not do this in a commercial gym, you will look like an ass. Do this at home or in a boxing gym only.

Manly conditioning workout number 2: Shadow boxing. Similar to the punching bag workout, punch, kick, move around and keep a good pace. Although not as intense, it is a good way to get a sweat going.

Manly conditioning workout number 3: Skipping or jumping rope. See my Jumping Rope post for more information.

Manly conditioning workout number 4: The body weight workout. Jumping jacks, push ups, lunges, body weight squats, etc. There are a thousand movements you can do in a circuit to really get a great workout. Check out my Burpee Tabata article for a real puker.

Manly conditioning workout number 5: Hill Sprints. The ultimate man maker!

Notice not one of these workouts require you to get a 1-2 thousand dollar machine and repeat the same motion for 20 minutes to one hour. That is because machines suck. The motion is too repetitive and you are forced in a plane of motion not natural to your body.

Try these workouts and get you will lose fat and harden up at the same time!
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