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Making the Switch to Train at Commit and Conquer and Leaving the Y

Posted Jan 14 2012 1:33pm

So, I was inspired to write about my decision to start training at Commit and Conquer and leave a place where I had built a ton of relationships with the members.  Some were happy for me, some were upset with me and others just wondered why. So, I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that it was one of the hardest decisions that I have had to make in long time.  I grew to care about so many people and I counted on seeing them just as much as they counted on me being there.

The decision was based on a number of factors but to actually go through with my decision was so hard!  I thought about all the people who lives I have changed and all that have changed mine.  I felt like I was letting so many people down by leaving.  In fact if you were there on the day I announced my departure, I was crying the second I saw everyone’s face.  I decided I would wait until after class to make the announcement so people would focus on the workout and not my leaving.  It took everything in me to stop the tears and go on with the workout.  Finally, it was time to tell everyone.  I remember the faces change.  I couldn’t believe I actually said the words that I thought for days of how to say right. Some said to me good luck, some didn’t say a word and some cried too. It was so hard!!

I want to make sure that everyone who I let down or left, knows that it wasn’t a decision that I took lightly and if you talk to anyone who was around me during that time, I was kind of wreck.  I care so much about people and especially the people in my classes.

On a brighter note, even though it was a tough decision, it was the best decision I could have ever made.  I have learned so much at Commit and Conquer and have so much freedom and so many tools to make myself a better trainer.  The training there is the real deal.  I am so happy that so many have come over to commit and conquer from my old classes.  It is the best of both worlds.  I get an opportunity to be a better trainer and I get to train the people that I cared about so much! I truly appreciate all of you and am so privileged to be your trainer :)

I can’t wait to see what more the future holds for me at CAC!  It has been an awesome ride so far :) . I have met new people and am building great relationships with the members at CAC! I truly enjoy going to work every day and seeing all of the members giving there all and then some! We are all in this journey together, so it is just an added bonus that you all rock!! :)

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