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Making a commitment

Posted by Sara G.

I took a spinning class last night and loved it! The facilitator was a lean, 60ish man who helped me get adjusted to the bike and told me to take time to get used to the feel of the class. The other participants( all in 30's & fit) were very friendly and encouraging. The class lasted 1 hour and I was rather glad to get my butt off the bike but I did feel as if I had turned a corner. Two of the gals told me I would be addicted to the class and the high you feel after the workout. "I'm so much happier now" one of them commented and I have to say I went home sore but ready to do another class. They recommend two classes a week and I will be there for the MOnday class after my regular yoga class. I have two friends who are devoted spinning fans and take at least 2 classes a week. I am looking forward to joining them on a regular basis. I am learning that age should never keep you from staying in shape and trying new ways to keep myself strong.
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That's great to hear. Spinning is so addictive, you'll fall in love with it.
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