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Make Your Focus FAT Loss, NOT Weight Loss.

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:00pm

Picture Perfect Weight

You dedicate 12 weeks to improving your nutrition habits, managing your stress and training hard . . . and

Focus on Fat Loss (and Losing Inches), NOT Weight Loss.

Focus on Fat Loss (and Losing Inches), NOT Weight Loss.

the results are in:

The hypertension and high cholesterol you had?  Gone.

Your energy levels are consistently through the roof.

You sleep better.

You look refreshed, awake, younger.

You can see a tangible improvement in your physique and the clothes that once tightly clung to you are falling off.

Your friends and family can’t take their eyes off you and are amazed at the transformation you’ve made.

You never imagined that you could sustain a healthy lifestyle for 12 weeks, let alone achieve it. . .  and then have a desire to maintain it.

You are living life to the fullest and filled with happiness.

You LOVE the way you look.

Can you picture this?  Do you have this image burned into your mind?

Now, you step on the scale in front of you for the big weigh in.  You look down with anticipation and discover. . . that you weigh 2 pounds more than when you started.

Does that change anything?

You’d think the obvious answer here would be “NO!” . . . or “It Shouldn’t!!”, but it’s amazing how often that’s not the case!!

Time after time, I’ve had clients come to me (or heard people around me) absolutely distraught about the number that they see on the scale . . . and I’m telling you, weight just doesn’t matter!!

Weight doesn’t matter!

Sure, it’s an indicator of where things are going, but there are many things that determine that . . . and a scale simply won’t give that information to you.

So don’t worry about it!!

It’s simple.  If you’re too focused on weight (and that focus is taking you on an emotional roller coaster dependent on what the scale is telling you), you’re expending too much energy on something that just isn’t giving you enough valid information in exchange for the stress that ‘weight’ typically causes.

Focus on what is important – losing excess fat.  Losing inches off your waistline (your butt, your thighs,  . . . {insert most ‘problematic’ area here}).  Losing that fat . . .and those inches . . . and feeling great, functioning well and getting stronger physically, mentally and emotionally all at the same time!

Focus on fat loss . . . and all your weight loss issues will certainly disappear!

Sound good?  :)

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