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Machines versus Free Weights - Round 2

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:27pm
We are only one round away from finally crowning the champion of Strength Supremacy. We will finally settle this debate between machines and free weights by letting Mikey 'The Machine' and Donnie 'The Dumbbell' slug it out!

Here's the Scout Report on Donnie 'The Dumbbell':
  • Has a higher intimidation level

  • Allows for a greater variety of exercises, movements, and muscle groups

  • Can be used for sport and activity specific exercises and movements

  • Exercises can be performed seated, standing, kneeling, walking, twisting, lunging, squating and laying

  • May also be paired up with unstable surfaces like stability balls, balance discs, single legged stances and BOSU balls.

  • Allows for greater range of motion

  • More coordination is required as dumbbells need to be controlled independently

  • More balance is required as lifting free weights in any direction changes the center of mass of your body.

  • Joint stability is greater for upper body exercises free weight exercises

  • Exercises do not necessarily have artificial stability and support to your body

  • Easier access for individuals of different body sizes and persons with disabilities

  • Exercises can involve the entire body and a greater number of muscles at once.

  • The exercise can use a stationary or dynamic body position.

  • Greater room for usererror

  • Requires a spotter for heavier lifting

  • Requires a greater user knowledge of technique, form, and exercises

  • Monitoring momentum is a more of a factor

  • Can be more effective at activating the deep core muscles

Although he is the favorite, don't let the longer resume of Donnie 'The Dumbbell' alone, convince you that free weights will pummel the machines in their upcoming showdown this Sunday. Anything can happen in a fight, see if there will be an upset!

See the Scouting Report on Mikey 'The Machine'

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