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Lysine and Cold Sores – Will It Be Your Cold Sore Miracle?

Posted Oct 26 2011 3:51am

Lysine and cold sores are enemies. Read this article now. You will finally know what works and what does not when using lysine for cold sores.

Lysine for cold sores is much talked about these days. The truth is - lab and empirical data strongly support the use of lysine for cold sores.

How does cold sore lysine fix and prevent oral herpes outbreaks? What is the correct way to use it?

These are very good questions. However, it is important to know what actually creates the cold sore before using lysine for cold sores.

The primary cause of all cold sore events is the herpes simplex virus. Whether you call them cold sores, fever blisters, or oral herpes outbreaks, they are all the same thing.  90% of the world population carries this terribly contagious virus. It is most common to be exposed to it before 12 years old.

The herpes virus is usually dormant in the nerve ganglia. This is root of the nerves behind the ear, where they connect with other nerves. Oral herpes cold sore events only occur if this virus becomes active.

The herpes simplex virus will become active to produce new virus. Since it lives in the nerves, it can quickly tell when your immunity drops. Stress of any sort can create the right conditions for to happen.

Herpes virus moves to the surface through the set of nerve fibers that it has chosen to occupy. At the surface, each virus particle picks out a nerve cell to enter.

The herpes simplex virus then compels the cell to build new virus. The cell eventually swells and explodes. Then millions of highly contagious virus particles cascade out.

Your open cold sore is caused by this destruction of millions of adjacent cells. Arginine is an amino acid (protein) that is the main protein needed to create the herpes simplex virus. Chocolate and nuts are particularly rich in arginine, and it is found in lesser amounts in many other foods.

Your cells will store arginine in a specific spot within the cell membrane. Lysine is also an essential amino acid. Dairy and fish are good sources of lysine. New herpes virus can not be created using lysine. It is like putting water in your gas tank.

Here is the good news. Arginine and lysine fight over the same storage space within your cells. The more your cells store lysine, the less arginine it can hold.

You can easily lower the cell's arginine supply by raising lysine intake. This is a tactic many people use to stop the progression of a cold sore and prevent future oral herpes outbreaks. You are, in affect, starving out the virus.

You can improve your intake of lysine by eating more vegetables, cheese, yogurt and fish. For best results, you may also have to lower your intake of arginine foods such as nuts and chocolate.

The trouble is, changing your diet as a way to stop cold sores, fever blisters or oral herpes is not always practical. The best bet for most people are lysine capsules or tablets. They are quite cheap and available everywhere.

Lysine supplements are usually 500-milligram capsules. They allow you to adjust the amount you get each day based on what works best for you. And when you want to eat some chocolate, you can take extra lysine.

Lysine is very safe. Commonly people take 1000 to 4000 milligrams per day during a cold sore and 500 to 1000 milligrams daily as a preventative measure. Again, you can adjust this depending on how often you get them.

But, this is where lysine is misunderstood. Lysine for cold sores is a well-proven and effective treatment when taken internally. However, it has not shown much value as a topical treatment.

There are lysine salves on the market for use as . Lysine must get into the cells to work. Lysine does not absorb through the skin. You must take it orally for good results.

Lysine for cold sores is one of the better cold sore remedies for you, if used as outlined above. There is much more I could share about lysine for cold sores and several other good cold sore remedies that honestly work. Unfortunately there is not enough room here.

If you are a victim of long duration or frequent cold sore events, lysine is an excellent choice. But do not stop there. There are many other great cold sore remedies. You may find some will work even better for you than lysine for cold sores.

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