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Lower Your Blood Pressure In 2-4 Weeks

Posted May 04 2009 4:58pm

blood-pressure-measurement One of the easiest health risks to reverse is high blood pressure. It’s a no brainer that regular exercise can help lower your high blood pressure, but if you really want to see some positive changes to your blood pressure check out these tips and strategies that will allow you to easily bring your blood pressure back under control.

uhh..actually before you do that..let me explain to you what your blood pressure is so we can be on the same page.

So basically your blood pressure is a measure of how much pressure is on the walls for your blood vessels as your blood is circulated around your body. When the pressure is high this is called hypertension (fancy way of saying high blood pressure) and puts you at risk for strokes and heart attacks.

This is why it’s important for you to control your blood pressure and keep it at normal levels. The best way to keep your blood pressure controlled is by consistently following the tips below.

Daily Stretching - When stretching to reduce your blood pressure the main point is not to focus on the stretch. Huh? no I’m not kidding you…instead of focusing on the stretch that you’re doing I want you to focus on your breathing. Stress an anxiety can take a toll on your blood pressure, so if you can learn how to control your heart rate by breathing better you’ll have better control over your blood pressure and be one step closer to having normal BP readings.

Running/Jogging - Pretty much any aerobic type of exercise will help decrease your blood pressure. Jogging or running at a steady pace for 30 minutes or more will not only bring your blood pressure down, but also strengthen your heart, strengthen your lungs, improve your breathing, and decrease your heart. Nothing better than well oiled cardiovascular system.

Lift Weights - In the past weight lifting was thought as being bad for your blood pressure. I guess it makes a bit of sense…if you lift heavy weights and hold your breath. But lifting moderate weights and making sure you have proper technique and breathing out naturally this will help reduce your blood pressure.

When will you see your BP lower?

So you made the right choice and decided to listen to me - fabulous. But how long do you have to do all this before you start seeing some blood pressure results?

Usually, to see changes, you should gradually work your way up to a workout session which includes, cardio, weights, and stretching. If you follow my circuit training methods you’ll be able to do this within 30-45 minutes depending on the rests you take in between exercises and sets. But do this 3 times (2 minimum) a week and within 2 -4 weeks you will see some nice changes to your blood pressure results.


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