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Lower Ab Workout- The Best Ways ...

Posted Jun 09 2009 11:31am
Lower Ab Workout- The Best Ways To Get Lower Abs

Lower ab
workout programs are the hottest topic now since everyone wants to see their lower ab muscle usually for the first time in their life. Truth is, most people never do enough to actually see their lower abs. You see endless crunches and other stomach movement don’t target that area to the point that you’ll actually see results. If anything, they might hinder what you’re trying to do. Here’s what you need to do.

First off, you have to focus on exercises that specifically target your lower abdomen. What exercises are those? Reverse crunches and leg lifts work amazingly well for really target the lower portion of your abs and helping to define that area. What you’ll notice about these exercises, however, is that they are bodyweight exercises. Most people think that they need to use weights to really hit their lower stomach but that’s not true. When you use heavy weight you end up making other back muscles to more of the work for you and you don’t want that when you want to target your lower abs.

Now once you’re working with the right movement you need to look at your rep ranges. Should you do super high reps like 15-20 or low reps like 4-6. What’s best for your lower ab workout? Well the answer lies in the middle and it’s both sets and reps. Why? Well for starters you want to make sure that you work with both rep ranges to get the visual definition in your lower abs that most people will never have. Secondly, these set and rep ranges will help you to train your abs more frequently,which is always a big deal. You must train your stomach to see results.

Lastly, we want to focus on the diet. Since most lower stomach fat is a direct result of stress we want to focus on eating a lower carbohydrate diet but consuming quality carbohydrates around our workouts and with breakfast. Focus on yams, oatmeal and brown rice. Second we have to make sure that we are taking in cortisol reducing supplements like omega-3 fish oil, glycine, zinc, magnesium, CLA and GLA. All these nutrition supplement help to radically reduce stress and help us to define our lower abs. Protein is another supplement that we must have in our diet. Protein not only helps us build muscle but it will satiate us as well. More protein, less carbs, more healthy fat and the right exercises will help us see our lower ab muscles.

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