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Low fat milk and muscle recovery in women

Posted Oct 12 2010 3:48pm

Go into any health food market and you will see endless products that promise optimal muscle  recovery from strenuous exercise. Athletes can become obsessed with their performance and will try anything to improve it, just read the newspaper. Sometimes the answer is right in front of us.

A study published in the June issue of Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise reported that after a session of heavy whole body strength training fat free milk was more effective in keeping women lean and strong than a carbohydrate energy drink. Drinking milk early on in the post exercise period resulted in greater muscle mass development, strength gains, fat loss and possible reduction in bone turnover. The results of this study are similar to a previous study done on men.

The participants engaged in a 5 day/12 week strength training program . After each workout session one group of women drank 500 milliliters of white milk and the other group was given a sugar based energy drink. Each group drank their milk one hour after each exercise session.

The results of this study showed lean muscle mass increases in both groups however greater gains were achieved in the milk drinking group.Fat mass decreased in the milk drinking group. Strength also increased in the milk drinking group.

My advice- Keep it simple, just drink milk.

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