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Low Carb, high protein snacks for weight loss!

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:41pm

When trying to lose weight, you need to arm yourself with weapons of fat desctruction. Now that the Calgary Stampede is over and my party friends are gone, it is time to rebuild the temple and start eating right to lose weight and burn fat. This simpler than it sounds and anyone can do. Here is what I did to get started.

  • Joined a boot camp for the balance of July
  • Threw out all my junk food and beer

  • Told people I was now in weight loss/health mode again

  • Went grocery shopping for healthy, fat burning foods

If you are going to lose weight, you need to plan your eating habits and have the right food choices at hand. I stocked up on meats, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, protein powder, fish oil and a greens supplement. This will be all I live on for the month of July. No processed foods, alcohol or bread. This may seem extreme, but if you want to lose fat you have to attack it! Maintaining a lean body is a lot easier and fun than taking a long term approach to fat loss.

Weight loss meals are simple:

  • pick a lean protein source (meat, fish, eggs)

  • pick a nutritious fiber source (vegetables)

  • pick a fat source (fish oil, flax oil, olive oil, nuts, etc)

Make it yourself and then eat it! Nothing processed, nothing you know is unhealthy or unnatural, just goodness from nature. Like I said, meals are easy, but snacks are where people fall short. The best snacks between meals are protein shakes and/or nuts. I prefer almonds because they are very nutritious, filling and high in fiber. Don't be afraid of the fats in almonds, good fat burns fat and if you are avoid all the processed foods loaded with carbs, fat is not bad for you at all.

Great dieting snack choices:

  • hard boiled eggs

  • nuts

  • northern hemisphere fruit

  • protein shakes with fish oil

  • sardines or herring (choose a low sodium flavour)

  • beef jerky (choose a low sodium flavour), homemade would be best

Now you may be wondering where the low carb crackers are, or all the low fat yogurts and rice are? Well guess what, any processed food that says low fat is always high sugar. It won't fill you up and will spike your insulin. If your insulin is spiked you can't burn fat. So those "diet" foods are just making you fatter!

Eat nutrient dense, high protein, natural foods for snacks and meals to fill you up and feed your body. Your appetite and your physique will thank me!
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