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Love Handles? - part 2

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:26pm
So you read Love Handles part 1 and now...

You want answers?

You think you're entitled?!

You want the truth?!

Well, you can't handlethe truth !!

But, I know someone or shall I say, something, that can....


Grimace is a walking love handle, but I don't see him freaking out about his body like we do.  He's never without a smile and always waves to his peeps when they see him in da street. Maybe he can't tell he's got handles because he never wears pants or anything with a waistband. Whenever you think you got it bad, imagine if you were also covered with purple fur and were friends with the Hamburgular. 

Grimace knows everything you already know:

  1. You cannot spot reduce an area on the body by working that area alone
  2. Lowering body fat % is how to shrink the love handles
  3. It takes a consistent balance of cardio, strength exercises, core training, and nutrition to rid yourself of the spare tire
  4. We lose body fat in the reverse order that it is put on. Typically we will store fat in the abdominal area first, thus it is the last to go!

But, the good news is we can increase the muscle mass and strength of a given area by specifically targeting it.

Here are Grimace's Top Three 
'Love Handle' Exercises

2. Forearm Side Plank With Dumbbell

3. Side Leg Lowering

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