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Losing Weight or Losing Fats?

Posted Oct 29 2008 11:05pm

Weight gain has been aptly called the disease of the rich and wealthy, or more precisely, the ‘prosperity sickness’. How many times have you seen a beggar with a fat belly? Very rarely! How many times have you seen a corporate honcho with a huge tummy? Many times! As our disposable income increases, we tend to splurge more cash on foods than anything else, which would have been still okay if we had invested in healthy foods; but unfortunately for us we are so programmed to giving junk foods the priority that we end up gaining a lot of weight! And once you gain weight, what should you do? Lose weight, right?

When that happens, you will probably hear lots of advices to lose weight for a healthy life. If you were to look carefully at those “advices”, you will find that weight loss does not equal good health. Try to test this myth by going to professional nutritionist or doctors, they will advice you instead to lose Fat and NOT weight.

When you consider that your body weight is comprised of not just fat but also valuable tissues, muscles, water content, bones, etc., you will realize why ‘ weight loss ‘ is a misleading word. Fat loss should be a more appropriate term, but unfortunately very few are aware of this difference!

Therefore if you are thinking of losing weight, you could be endangering your life instead. Without knowing what you are doing, you could be heading for disaster and not realized it.

With so many ways to lose weight quickly, how would you know which is the correct method? To be more aware what is good and bad, let us take and example of a starving yourself to lose weight. You might lose some weight initially, but are you losing the right kind of weight? You might find that at the end of the day that you didn’t lose a single gram of fat.

When you starve, your body’s primary energy source (that is, food) is cut off. It will then look for the available carbohydrates in order to produce energy. When the carbohydrates are all used up it will then turn to protein, and your muscle tissues. Only when all your muscles are burned away will your body turn to burn fat!

As you can see, if you starve, fat is one of the last things you will lose, and muscle is one of the first! You will lose valuable muscles, make your bones weak and cripple your body in several different ways by starving. But that is not where it ends.

When you had starved yourself for several days, the hunger pangs that you feel can be overwhelming. This will hunger pangs will make you eat more foods than before, However with any exercises, it doesn’t help to rebuilt your muscles mass. What it does is just gives you more fat deposit and ultimately you just end up getting fatter. With already less muscles tissue left in your body, your body ability to burn away calories has already been diminished.

Therefore, to achieve fat loss, you will need to eat healthy foods & exercises regularly as well. So choose program which is designed to help you to lose your body fat and not just your body weight.

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