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Lose weight to save the environment

Posted Aug 25 2008 12:00am

Besides the basic advantages of losing weight like a healthier heart, lesser fat, healther mind and a hotter body ;) .. it even helps the environment.
When you lose weight, you need fewer calories to do the same things, so you take in fewer calories. To take in these fewer calories, you will consume less food. Less food consumed, means more food for others and less pressure on the environment to produce it. This makes an even bigger dent, when you’re a meat eater. To produce 1 kg of meat, the animal/bird needs to eat a lot multiple times that amount of food. So you can eat less meat and feel good about saving the environment.
Now, most of us travel by cars, trains, planes, etc. When we weigh less, our cars burn less fuel to get from one place to another. Airline companies realize this- in 2007 there was a cost cutting proposal with a large American airline to charge over weight people the ticket cost for 2 seats, since they weigh much more and overflow into the other seat, so much that no one can sit next to them. (I’ve had a few such experiences during my years in the US) We all know that Americans are the fattest people in the world. We are far from there, but with the rapidly developing economy and easier access to food, we’re on our way to get fat. China is already facing an obesity epidemic, even among kids.
Putting this in an Indian context, an overweight family of 4 weighs about 70 kgs more than a fit family of 4. That’s more than the weight of an average Indian male.
So, if you want to rid those love handles and care about the environment, start moving and save the world!

Got some more ideas on how weight loss can save the world. Then, please comment and share with the rest of us.

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