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Looking for advice on rehabbing a separated shoulder

Posted by Seth M.

I separated my shoulder in a bike crash back in mid October. It is a level one separation, so no surgery is required. 2 days after my trip to the ER, an Ortho Surgeon told me I needed a week in a sling, followed by 7 weeks of nothing but basic use. Then I could start to add back exercise, light weights, etc. I tried to get more specific rehab exercises from him, to no avail. I actually called him back in a few days to ask again what kinds of exercise I could do to start rehabbing. He said to do what I always do but with light weights and work up slowly. When I asked about push ups or pull ups he not until I had built up strength for a month. When I asked for more detail he said curls, shoulder lifts, and "if it hurts don't do it". Thanks. I asked about PT. He said PT would rush me too quickly so he was against it. So I went home and looked on the internet to find postings. I had already read that this is one of the most common sports injuries. So it followed that there would be many postings on rehabbing. Turns out there were about 3 strings and those were all from people who'd suffered more serious injuries requiring surgery. And the rehabbing was all about heavy weight lifting. So I have to say I am really excited for Wellsphere! I can't wait to find others who have had a level one separation and to learn more about how someone has rehabbed and the challenges, etc. If that's you, please write me back.
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Thought i'd speak up to keep this thread going and get some help myself.
I also suffered a minor grade shoulder separation only a week ago and would like to hear some advice on specific exercises.  the idea of doing nothing for 7 weeks scares me and seems excessive but i'm not a doctor.  
i've been icing and pushing carefully against immovable objects to build strength back up.  i slowed down the pushing after feeling my shoulder click in and out of place, without any pain.  the clicking in and out occurs with even minor movements, albeit infrequent, like reaching into my pocket.  
would a hot tub followed by icing help?
can anyone refer me to a page with specific exercises?   
any advice would be helpful.

I too am suffering from the same injury the original poster has... bike spill... level 1 separation... found nothing on the internet... my injusry is about 8 month old now though and REALLY starting to impede my exercise habits. I can no longer sleep on my side either. I tried standard rotator cuff exercises, but they have not helped.

Would love to to get some advise.

Hay thanx for the info.  I had a level 2 sepparation in oct 15.  Resting it and soon to go to rehab at the local VA.  Still hurts The ortho guy said gentile rotator cuff excercises, shrugs and bench.  If you get more info, I would appreeciate it.  Good luck Niels
I separated my shoulder in a cycling accident about five days ago.  I was visiting family over the holidays so I needed to go to an urgent care center for treatment.  The doctor was horrible and basically told me that I had separated my shoulder and there was nothing they could do but write a prescription for pain.  They supplied me with a week long supply of vicadin.  The pain has lessened quite a bit but I am still taking the medication.  I was wondering if anybody knew how long I should wait before resuming normal activity and begin stretching and exercising?  

Hey, to all that have this shoulder sepparation,  Doesn't it surprise you that there is not a procedure to re secure the collar bine.  Well good luck to all of you,  It has been 2.5 months and Im just getting back into lite training.  Please keep me posted on ur progress along with any do's and dont's.  Good luck and best wishes.

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