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Looking Fly: Fit Bottomed Dude’s Edition

Posted Mar 18 2010 4:00am

In our minds, men are most sexy when they keep it simple—T-shirt, jeans, minimal hair product and cologne. But, every now and again Fit Bottomed Dudes need to spice it up a bit, whether it’s at home, on the road or hitting the bar with a few friends. That’s why today’s Posh is for the men.

Equmen Equmen

Performance apparel is all the rage these days, and Equmen seems to have some of the most cutting-edge technology of any of the companies we’ve run across. The Sydney-based company specializes in high-performance compression undergarments that combine sport technology and physiological insights to benefit men from street to sport. Best I can tell, it’s like manly Spanx to keep things tight under dress clothes and for sports performance.

My hubby tried Equmen’s Core Precision Undershirt V-Neck and Precision Underwear Trunks and liked them. They were definitely tight and hard to get on and off (I had to help him get them off, which could have been sexy, but it took so much tugging and maneuvering that it really wasn’t), but he said that the fabric made him feel like he had more control of his body. In fact, within 10 minutes of wearing the stuff, he was doing push-ups and sit-ups in our living room. Now is all this worth the hefty price tag (darn near $100 for the shirt and $50 for the trunks)? Not for him, but if you or your man is into performance apparel, this is the creme de la creme.  For more half-naked men and to check out the full product line-up, click here.

Share the Damn Road Cycling Jerseys

If you or your dude is into cycling, then these jerseys are the perfect way to have a good ride and make a statement. With mottos such as “Share the Damn Road” and “Don’t Run Me Over,” these are funny and poignant. In fact, the creator started the site to create a more efficient way to spread the message to aggressive drivers that bicyclists have a right to the road, too. You can even have a custom jersey with your own personal slogan or pet peeve made just for you. Check it all out at . And remember to share the damn road, okay?

I heart FBGs I ♥ Fit Bottomed Girls Ringer Ts

How could we leave out this lovable ringer T ? With this 100 percent cotton American Apparel shirt you can declare your affinity for Fit Bottomed Girls everywhere (and remember they come in all shapes and sizes) with these hilariously funky I Heart Fit Bottomed Girls ringer Ts. Sport this baby around town and you’ll be sure to get fist pumps from the boys, winks from the Fit Bottomed Girls out there and a certain place in FBG heaven!

Let’s hear it for the boys! —Jenn

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