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Long, Low-Intensity Workouts Will Give Small Results

Posted Feb 18 2009 11:39am
A guy at the gym asked me last week, "how do I burn off this belly fat, low back fat and get ripped?" My quick answer to him (I was working out) was to cut out sodas, donuts, candy, sugars, etc. and to drink only water and unsweetened drinks for starters...and to base his calorie intake on his basal metabolic rate and daily activity.....I didn't go too much into his workouts because I wanted to watch him.

What I saw was: walking on a treadmill at a "snail's pace" for 30 minutes and the traditional sets on the bench press, dumbbell press, leg press and the like.....very low intensity in his workout and he frequently talked to friends for 5-10 minutes between some sets! Oh, yeah, he liked to eat cream-filled donuts alot! Get the picture?! The guy has pretty good strength but he kinda looks like a strong dough boy!

You know the answer to his problem! Eat right, speed up the cardio with intervals for 20 minutes and do full-body circuit strength training (including bodyweight exercises).... Save the socializing for after your workout! I haven't seen him do much core strength work either (good luck burning belly fat and low back fat)....I'll see if he takes my advice.....stay tuned!

How about you? What are your workouts like? Don't expect great fat loss and weight loss results if your workouts are "lazy!"

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