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Little Rant…

Posted Jun 05 2010 1:07pm

I’m really tired of hearing people tell me “you’re too skinny” or “you should stop working out, you look fine”. Really, it is none of their business how much or when I workout. I don’t ask when they eat potato chips and sit their asses on their couch to watch soaps, do I? It’s not my fault they’re out of shape. I am in shape, and I like being in shape. I like not feeling winded walking somewhere. I LOVE lifting double my weight. I can’t get that strength being too skinny; Thank you very much.

I am not underweight, I am not too skinny. I am damn sure I eat more calories than most the people telling me these things. I eat at least 2000 calories a day. AT LEAST. It’s not my fault I know how to manage my body better, and know what best to feed it.

Just because I didn’t want a piece of sugary cake does not mean I am anorexic, don’t look at me like I have a problem. It means I don’t want a piece of sugary cake. I eliminated most refined sugars and salts from my diet. I’m not going to eat crap because it’s there. This is aside from the fact that I ate some macaroni salad with egg in it, which was delicious. I have an intolerance to egg and I felt nauseous. I’m not going to eat cake!

And it’s not like I don’t have a little treat every now and then, just yesterday I had two Skinny Bee Margaritas* at lunch. Much like this recipe , but not frozen. I’m not going to eat crap two days in a row.

Telling me because you can see my clavicle that I am too skinny is silly. You can see my clavicle even when I am overweight, it’s how I am built.

This is why I like to stay home, where my healthy LOOK and fit lifestyle is appreciated.

*Applebee’s offers the 100 calorie Skinny Bee Margarita for $5.99, and it’s delicious.

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