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Liposuction Procedures

Posted Oct 22 2010 10:03pm

Laser Assisted Liposuction is the latest technology used for the removal of excess body fat. Laser assisted lipolysis, laser lipolysis and Smartlipo are all one and the same.

Liposuction was earlier conducted with the tissues holding on to the fat being disrupted with force, to free it and make it easier for removal. This method though effective, caused a lot of trauma. This is what brought the new method into use.

Smartlipo also a laser assisted liposuction uses less of mechanical force, instead heating and melting of the fat is the method here. The water in the fat which comprises almost 25% of the fat is important in laser assisted liposuction.

Gritty fat deposits in the back and upper abdomen are stubborn and need more force to break up. Laser assisted liposuction diverts energy to the fats or lipids through fiber optic cables by raising the lipid temperature to over 42 degrees C and releasing the liquid which is then removed by suction.

Laser assisted liposuction has heat generated on the tips of the cables and this shrinks the tissue of the collagen which is beneficial for fat removal. Doctors are yet to come to terms with the most effective wavelength which should be used for laser assisted liposuction.

They will probably switch to the one which has better results between the laser wavelengths. However, according to reports the wavelength of the dual laser seems to be the best one for laser assisted liposuction.

Most people prefer cheap liposuction and affordable liposuction which would be an affordable and good way of undergoing laser assisted liposuction. Lipolysis is now a popular method and the use is gaining popularity because of the laser assisted liposuction method.

Another popular method is the dual laser wavelength as it removes a lot more water from the body and fatty tissue including skin layer. Patients recover faster in this method.

Laser liposuction or laser assisted liposuction is one of the ways to reduce your weight in the shortest time period and thereby achieving the body curve that you had always wanted. Laser assisted liposuction can help regain the confidence in you. More information at laser liposuction procedures site.

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