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Link Love|Guest Blogger:Tabitha

Posted Aug 14 2012 8:45pm

Happy Tuesday,
I am so excited to share another guest post from a fellow blogger! We are both SweatPink Ambassadors with Fit Approach. I am away at  work meeting and then at CanFitPro until Sunday night. I have some awesome guest bloggers lined up! So exciting!
Tabitha says:I am gearing up forI’m a teacher and a Girls on the Run Coach, two things I take very seriously.  While I’ve always considered myself an “active” person, I only recently started considering myself a “fit” person.  I’ve always enjoyed being outside, riding bike, running, and hiking, but until recently I didn’t really hit the gym to lift or tone.  I also have an obsession with baking and eating cupcakes.  Any flavor, I’m an equal opportunity cupcake lover.  When I realized that what I was doing wasn’t working, I decided it was time to step it up a bit.  I joined the gym and found a love for spinning.  Spin had an abs class before it, so that definitely helped me realize the importance of toning with weights, since we focused on everything, but had abs thrown in.  After doing that for a few months, I realized I could do things on my own, and started to do it.  Between coaching, teaching, and planning lots of things for our 6th graders at the end of the school year, I wasn’t making it to the gym. DVDs are great for when you don’t have time, but so are workouts that I can design for myself. If I know what I want to accomplish, I like making a workout that will challenge me. When I started to step things up I lost 25 pounds and feel sooo much better. I didn’t even get sick this winter! Germs are everywhere in an elementary school, and I’ve gotten sick every year before this one. Blogging just seemed to fall into place as I was on this journey and I’ve been blogging since April. Sometimes it’s just about my workouts and runs, other times it’s life, and I also enjoy sharing my recipes! I love making up recipes and trying them out, and if they work well, why shouldn’t I share them?
Since I started my journey I’ve had so many people tell me how much that admire my dedication to the gym, or how they’re amazed I find time for it.  I don’t find time, I make time.  I realized that nothing was going to happen without a commitment, so I made time.  Sometimes there isn’t enough time to go to the gym, take a full class, and then get home and shower, so I find ways around it.  There is so much that you can do at home, even if you don’t own equipment.  Some equipment is nice, such as a balance ball, a yoga mat, and maybe a set of hand weights.  But I want people to realize that even that stuff isn’t necessary for a serious workout.  You can also get it done in like 20 minutes!   Here’s a workout that will challenge you, pretty much no matter what level of fitness you are at.  It can be modified by adding some breaks in it, but see if you can do it straight through.  And you can also change up the pushups by doing them on your knees or changing your arm position.  I’m also in love with doing pushups on a balance ball with my feet in the air.  I’ve included some ways to modify it for a challenge as well.  Give this a try and let me know what you think!
20 Minute Body Weight Circuit
1 minute of jumping jacks 1 minute of pushups (you choose the way you do them, but challenge yourself!) 1 minute of squats (extra challenge: Jump Squats!) 1 minute tricep dips 1 minute alternating lunges (challenge: hop between them!) 1 minute bicycle crunches 1 minute plank (hold it to whole time!)

1 minute leg lowers

1 minute high knees

REST for 1 minute, then repeat!For tricep dips, you want to stand in front of a chair/bench and then bring your legs out.  You should keep your hands on the bench and your legs out in a tabletop position in front of you.  Use your arms to raise and lower yourself on the bench and feel the burn! For leg lowers, lay on your back and keep your feet together.  Put your feet in the air forming a 90 degree angle with the floor.  Lower them to 45 degrees and bring them back up.   Repeat!  For back support, put your hands under your hips.

When you finish, hydrate like crazy, water is a great natural resource J

Then, if you feel so inclined, have a glass of wine!  Cheers!  (and then check me out at Run Cupcake, Run! )Hi Tabitha! Looking good girl!!! xo

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