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Lighten Up Your Traditional Meals – Amco Fat Separator

Posted Apr 05 2012 12:00am


It’s always hard to eat healthy when you go to family gathering or host your own.  How do you compromise flavor for health without getting bashed?  Gravy can be a hidden culprit in these meals.  Americans LOVE gravy!  However, if you want to get the flavor without the fat, it’s nearly impossible, UNTIL NOW!

Make and gravies with this easy-to-clean and simple-to-use separator. Separator strains liquids through a removable lid, and a spring-loaded bottom opening allows for easy release of grease-free liquids. Microwave safe, BPA free and eco-friendly. Dishwasher safe. 4-cup capacity. 6½” h x 5½” l x 5″w.

With the holidays coming up ( Easter & Passover )this is a great kitchen tool to have . Fine Cooking Magazine ( OCT / Nov 2010 ) in their test kitchen section page 87 -said:
“A fat separator is a handy tool for de-greasing the pan juices from a roast.  There are dozens of models, most of them variations on the same design: a cup with a spout at its
bottom that allows you to pour off the juices and leave the fat in the cup.”
( Plus the spout is difficult to clean – my words )
The downside is that there’s always some fat in the spout that gets poured out with the juices.  This model, the Swing-A-Way by Amco has solved that problem by eliminating the spout.
The juices drain from a hole in the bottom of the cup, which is opened by squeezing a lever in the handle.
It also includes a strainer lid.
Fine Cooking magazine said , it’s the best they have tried. 
   What an awesome idea!!!   I don’t know about you, but I hate eating gravy knowing that it’s loaded with excess animal fats!  Now you can have all the flavor without the lard.  This gadget is sold all over the web but my mom says that this one is the best brand.  Share this fitness tip with you friends, family and fellow cooks.
A big thanks to mom for pointing out this awesome kitchen tool!
Adria Ali
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