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" Lifting Correctly"

Posted Oct 05 2013 1:46pm
Just Saying? To me Lifting correctly with good form is what creates, builds that strong, fit body we are all in the gym working towards. If you learn doing these exercises and using the weights incorrectly with improper form then you are just wasting your time. 9 times out of 10 these people will quit, give up because they will NOT see the results and feel that it's not working for them. Or worse they will injurer themselves and not be able to workout at all or be forever restricted to their physical activities depending on how bad their injury is. I thank my big brother Dana @attakdog for this most valuable gift he taught me when I picked up my first piece of iron. He taught me how important using the correct form and how to execute each exercise and use machines correctly. It's NOT about how heavy you go if you are doing it wrong. Going heavy is only beneficial if you are using proper form and doing the exercise correctly. It's not worth the injury or wasting your time doing it wrong or doing the exercise Half Assed!             
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