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Let's work the Gluteus to the maximus, because I want a bigger butt!

Posted Jan 26 2010 1:02pm
I have had some questions regarding the butt area (Gluteus maximus and medius). I personally am working on this area myself, always, because if I don't... me, just like you... won't have much back.

You are not alone if you have a small booty. I know this may make the girl with the big butt hurl, but us small butt girls... just like you big butt girls... want to change the size of our booty...go figure!

The good news is that our butt area is full of muscle that can be pumped up, we just have to build those muscles. Here's how we are going to do it!

Oh and by the way if you are not already following a stricked health routine already, you do not want to jump into this!  You need to check with your doctor before you start any exercise routine, these are for the advanced, but you can work your way up to them real soon and there is no better time than now, to get started to a new, improved you!

What do I mean? well, first off you should already have a balance going on, that includes clean eating too! You must be in control of your body to go to these extremes...

Growing a bigger butt involves building some serious muscle back there. You have to increase the weight you lift in order to continue to see improvement. Once a particular weight feels doable to you, it's time to move on to a heavier weight.

  • Do hip thrust off of a platform that's 15-to-20 inches high or a chair with or without is up to u, be honest with yourself as to how much weight you can handle....but please be careful...Check this out!
  • Use the leg press to make your butt get a bigger butt doing the leg press use a heavy weight that will only allow you to do 5-to-10 Reps...Check this out!
  • Do squats for a bigger butt...deeper your squat... the bigger the butt ...keep your head up and keep your heels flat on the floor.

     Try to increase the amount of weight and/or reps you do in each set, but do no more than 8 reps per set


  •  You'll need to eat more than you would when trying to lose weight because your body needs the extra calories to build a bigger butt & good fuel to lift those heavy weights. Always have a spotter. Do not attempt this without one.
  • The stepper at the gym you know those "rotating stairs" work great as a additional routine...don't have gym membership, thats ok cause steep hills are the best! What are you waiting for? Go find the steepest hill you can handle...The steeper the bigger your butt!
  • Run Sprints up that hill... walk back down it and do it again! Do as many as you can less!

Add the Kneeling Kickback, You can make a kneeling kickback harder by keeping the leg you are lifting straight instead of bent and lift your leg until it is parallel to the floor. To add resistance, you can also add an ankle weight or squeeze a dumbbell behind your legs and resting your upper body weight on your hands instead of your forearms will also make the exercise harder.

The kneeling kickback is a great exercise for tightening and toning your buttocks as well as your hamstrings. You should be careful performing kneeling kickbacks if you have knee, shoulder, or lower back problems.

Gotta get outta here...why? Because I want back!

Yours in Health, Robin


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