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Let's Talk About Jock Itch

Posted by C.L. R.

If you have jock itch and want to clear it up naturally, here are the top three ways. 1. Thyme. Steep a cotton ball in thyme tea and put it on the area that is infected. The reason this works is because thyme has thymol, a proven fungus warrior. 2. If you are sick of your itch, throw some tea tree oil on it. This multipurpose agent should be used up to two weeks after the itch goes away. Just beware where you put it-- it may cause some tingling. 3. Ginger - not just for Gilligan's Island. Ginger has 23 different properties that will chase that fungus right off your jock. Soak a cotton ball in steeped ginger and dab it on your groin. Voila!
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