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Let’s Talk Weddings: If You Could Work On One Part of Your Body Before the Big Day, What Would It Be?

Posted Feb 02 2010 6:40am
Here are Clay and Elizabeth, creators of the Bombshell Bride Workout.
Wouldn't you want to work out with them? (:

Hi guys! So, as you know, I’m getting married next year, and like any bride, I want to be toned and in the best shape of my life for that day –that’s why I was so excited to hear about the Bombshell Bride Workout, a six-exercise workout which was created by trainers Clay Burwell and Elizabeth Hendrix of High Performance NYC to exhaust target areas -- brides’ body concerns.

My biggest issue is my stomach -- I’m pretty sure I have found the dress of my dreams. It’s this gorgeous white sari that I fell in love with instantly – the only problem is that even though my midriff is covered by fabric, it’s see-through! AAH! As you can imagine, I NEED to be working those abs!

I confessed my fears to the folks who created the Bombshell Bride Workout, and one of High Performance NYC's trainers, Deemsy Arias , came up with this move for me. Check it out:

Start in the plank position with your feet up on a bench or chair. Pass right leg and twist to the left. As you twist back extend the leg to the back and squeeze the butt. Repeat 15 times with a fast and steady pace with the same leg, keeping it off the bench. Do three sets. As that gets easier perform the same exercise with your feet on a physio ball.

I'll definitely be doing this move! SO, when you get married, what part of your body would you want to workout the most? Or if you’re already married, what kind of dress did you wear, and what was your biggest body concern? Please share!

PS: If you're interested in High Performance NYC, it's located at 39 West 14th Street, Suite 406, NY, NY 10011

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